Systems Security & Legal Protection

Protecting your data is our business. Security, privacy and confidentiality are the fundamental drivers behind all Global Relay's hosted messaging services. To ensure the safe, secure and accurate collection, processing and storage of our customer's data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access, modification or disclosure, industry best practices are deployed at every step. Since security is only as strong as its weakest link - Global Relay arms itself with only the best: two world-class Data Center facilities, high performance systems infrastructure, 24/7 detailed monitoring, bullet-proof, highly redundant archive systems, military-grade encryption and experienced, well-trained employees.

Our record speaks for itself. Millions of messages pass through our systems daily, and in over ten years we have never lost a single message.

Unique and extensive validation of Global Relay security is provided by the KPMG Report entitled, Business, Operational & Security Controls for Global Relay Services. This comprehensive third party validation is very unique in the hosted messaging industry, and represents an ongoing investment in our customers and partners. More information about the Report is available here.

Systems Security

Global Relay provides unmatched systems security to protect customer data, including:

  • Mirrored East Coast and West Coast Data Centers in world-class facilities
  • Highly secure, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure engineered by Hewlett Packard
  • Mirrored active/active firewalls to ensure that in the event of a failure data will remain secure
  • Mirrored active/active load balancers to ensure high system availability
  • Continually upgraded Sun operating systems ensuring performance at the highest level
  • Highly restricted access to customer data and stringent internal access procedures and authorizations
  • Systems monitored 24/7 by dedicated professionals to protect against unauthorized intrusion
  • Two factor Virtual-Private-Network (VPN) provides secure, remote monitoring
  • System alerts for unusual activities
  • Performance of regular security reviews and monitoring of security logs for anomalies