Global Relay Message Platform


The Global Relay Message platform is a secure, scalable, compliant, and fault-tolerant instant messaging system specifically built to address the regulatory requirements of the financial services industry.

  • Compliant: Global Relay Message integrates time stamped send & receive receipts with guaranteed and redundant data storage of all messages across multiple nodes in multiple data centers.

    Global Relay Message keeps a complete audit log for every thread in a conversation (an exchange of messages), recording:

    • who saw a message
    • exactly when it was originally sent and received
    • a record of every user that accessed a historical copy of that message thread
  • Secure: Global Relay Message clients use HTTPS, SSL over TCP or AES for secure client connections. Global Relay Message supports secure login using a Global Relay account password, Active Directory password authentication or SAML identity providers. All messages are encrypted and stored permanently in the Global Relay system.

  • Scalable: Global Relay Message is designed to scale, and is capable of supporting millions of simultaneous users. Every element of Global Relay Message has been designed to ensure and optimize scalability - from the efficient routing of presence messages through to ensuring that Globlal Relay Archive can handle millions of messages per day.

  • Fault tolerant: Global Relay Message is built using high performance data store systems, built for data integrity and multiple stored copies on active-active mirrored data centers to guarantee no loss of data. Multiple application instances in a resource pool allow transparent failover without impacting the availability of the overall service.