Global Relay's Cloud Ecosystem

Leveraging the Cloud

Leveraging a Private Cloud Ecosystem, Global Relay provides your business with access to incredibly powerful and dynamic business tools delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. This enables your business to run a private messaging network, with the confidence of full redundancy, massive scalability and multi-layered security.

Global Relay's Cloud Architecture is both platform and systems neutral. Global Relay's Cloud Services are offered as single components, or part of a larger bundled solution. This means your business can pick and choose how to best leverage proven Cloud technologies from the following:

  1. Cloud a la Carte: Seamlessly augment your organization's existing on-premise applications and infrastructure to address technology needs that you do not wish to operate in-house
  2. Go Fully Cloud: Completely transition your business to a 'one stop shop', off-site, Cloud strategy
  3. Cloud Apps: Develop your own customized Collaboration Applications, in addition to deploying Global Relay Apps for messaging, mobile and compliance.

Mix and match any combination of the above Cloud strategies on a "pay-for-use" subscription basis to enable flexibility as your business needs evolves. For example:


Global Relay can work with any email setup. Whether you keep control of your primary email system on-premise, or move your email to the Cloud with Global Relay or one of our 60+ Hosted Exchange partners, use Global Relay's Cloud ecosystem for all your adjunct email services such as Email Filtering for anti-spam & virus, Encryption, Continuity Mail backup, together with Archiving of all your message types.


Regardless of whether you choose to manage your email and messaging on-premise or in Global Relay's Cloud, you can archive all your electronic communications in Global Relay's internationally acclaimed Global Relay Archive. Through Global Relay's private Cloud ecosystem, Global Relay Archive can securely capture and preserve all your Email, Instant Messaging, Social Media, BlackBerry, Thomson Reuters, and Bloomberg® messages - to keep you compliant, and in control.

Instant Messaging

Rather than deploying your own IM system, use Global Relay Apps to solve all your messaging needs including secure Instant Messaging, Multi-party Chat and Persistent Chat Rooms. If your firm has already deployed Microsoft OCS internally, federate through Global Relay's Message Hub to provide interoperability with other firms and to organizations such as Thomson Reuters. For employees using Public IM such as AOL or Yahoo, make them compliant via our Global Relay Archive for Public Instant Messaging. Similarly, Twitter, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Bloomberg, OCS and BlackBerry PIN & SMS can become compliant business tools using Global Relay Archive.

End users

Global Relay's private Cloud ecosystem has been purpose-designed for simultaneous use via Mobile, Desktop and the Internet. Using Global Relay's Outlook Archive Plug-in or Mobile Search on BlackBerry, Apple iPhone or Google Android, your employees enjoy a seamless user experience to access their corporate email or messaging systems whether at the office, home or traveling, and without interruption as they transition to each location and between devices. Empower your employees with an unlimited mailbox and powerful unified search at their fingertips to find all historical messages in seconds - email, IM, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, BlackBerry, LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook and more.