Legacy Data Import & Migration Support

Legacy Data Importer migrates, imports and consolidates historical email from PST, MDIR & MBox files, backup tapes etc. to Global Relay Archive for rapid search and retrieval.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

Gather your information on your preferred format as described below and send it to Global Relay at:

Global Relay Communications Inc.
220 Cambie Street, Suite 270
Vancouver, BC V6B 2M9

What import files are supported?

The preferred format is an .mbox file (standard UNIX type mailbox file), but the most common file type we receive is a .pst. We can accept most common mailbox formats, but if it is one we are not familiar with it would be best to have you send us a smaller test file to begin with. The most efficient import file size is 1GB to 1.5GB per file.

Are duplicated messages eliminated?

Yes, Global Relay’s Importers do have a de-duplication process to de-duplicate Legacy Data Import messages. Only one instance of the message will be imported into the archive and duplicate messages will not be archived. Our de-duplication criteria requires exact matches in Message ID, sender/recipient information, date/time stamp as well as a number of other header items. Only when all the criteria are an exact match will the message be de-duplicated.

In what storage format should I send my Legacy Data to Global Relay?

We prefer that you send us your legacy messages to us on either DVD(s), or on a portable USB hard drive. For DVDs, we will keep the DVDs you send us, unless you request return of the same. For USB hard drives, we will return it after the mail has been successfully imported into the archives and verified by you.

Is there any cost?

Yes, we charge for import and storage of the data for your desired Retention Term. The formula for pricing is set out in your Fee Agreement.