Global Relay Search for BlackBerry, iPhone and Outlook

Enable employees to easily search their own archived messages

Challenge: On a typical day, employees are flooded with a huge volume and variety of electronic messages — including email, BlackBerry messages, instant messages, and various social networks, just to name a few. Firm-wide capture and archiving of all these messages is a best practice for a variety of reasons, including compliance, legal and HR considerations.

Having a message archive in place for your business also enhances personal productivity and brings time savings. In order to realize these benefits, employees need a convenient and efficient way to access their own historical messages.

Solution: Global Relay gives your business the tools to enable every employee in your organization to quickly and easily search their own archived messages. Since Global Relay archives dozens of message types, users can always retrieve any past conversation — no matter what communication method was used.

What are the benefits for my business? Why provide every employee in your organization with the ability to search a complete archive of all their messages?

  • Improve customer service — Your employees can quickly search for all communications to or from a particular customer, no matter what message type was used — including email, instant messages, social network messages and many more. This helps sales staff track previous conversations — before a big client meeting, for example.
  • Search chat conversations — The need to refer to past chat conversations comes up often. However, instant messaging clients like AOL Instant Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger aren’t designed for long-term message storage. Global Relay enables employees to quickly and easily find any past instant message conversation. The entire message thread is displayed in the archive, showing the full context of any conversation.
  • Save your IT department’s time — When users can retrieve any message themselves from the archive, they don’t need to contact the IT department when a message is lost or accidentally deleted.
  • Reduce dependence on Outlook — Limits on Outlook mailbox sizes are no longer a nuisance when all mail is captured in a message archive. Users can delete messages from their inbox anytime, knowing that a permanent copy is always available in the message archive — and that it can be quickly retrieved. The superior message search capability that Global Relay provides is a solution to the limited message search tools available within Outlook.

How can employees search their own archived messages?

  • Web Access — Access to archived messages on any web browser
  • Global Relay Search — Convenient archive search tools for BlackBerry, iPhone and Microsoft Outlook