The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) demands that a firm's compliance infrastructure must be capable of recording and storing made with or received from firm issued mobile phones and take 'reasonable steps' to prevent business-related conversations from taking place using personal devices (FCA's PS 10/17 regulations on mobile recording). To meet FCA requirements, Global Relay has built a proprietary voice recording solution to intercept incoming and outgoing calls and bridge them to a call recording service. The solution also logs voice recordings in addition to message archiving and logging of BlackBerry SMS and Pin-to-Pin messages. The ability to log voice messages meets the Voice and electronic data retention rules of the FCA related to:

  • New anti-market crime telephone recording rules that demand deal-related telephone and email exchanges are identified and recorded
  • Requirements for firms to record phone conversations with clients and counterparties relating to deals or potential deals.
  • Requirements for firms to store Conversations in a manner that enables them to be readily accessible by the FCA regulators (for investigations and regulatory audits).

Global Relay solutions provides world-class compliance archiving and monitoring solution that seamlessly integrates with email and messaging systems to deliver superior search, retrieval and monitoring capabilities. Global Relay's professional services team also assists customers in approximately 50 audits/week.