Global Relay Message Hub

Expand your Community

Global Relay Message Hub is a secure, high-capacity and high-speed message routing service that extends the reach of your existing Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) or Lync Server to a community of external partners and clients. Message Hub lets you quickly and securely collaborate with thousands of counterparties using external OCS/Lync servers while remaining fully compliant with regulatory requirements.

Global Relay Message Hub facilitates 2-party and multi-party instant messaging (IM) communication between your in-house OCS/Lync clients and any federated OCS/Lync clients. Your existing Microsoft OCS/Lync installation continues to manage all internal communications. High-end OCS/Lync features such as desktop audio, video, application sharing and PBX integration will continue to be fully available.

Collaborate with Thomson Reuters Eikon & RM Users

Global Relay is the exclusive Compliance Archiving Partner for Thomson Reuters Compliance Manager (TRCM) and for Eikon, Thomson Reuters' next generation desktop and collaboration platform. Global Relay Message Hub also facilitates 2-party IM conversations between Thomson Reuters RM clients and OCS/Lync clients.

Full Access to Global Relay Message Community

Global Relay Message is a high performance messaging service that allows buy-side and sell-side communities to connect and collaborate while guaranteeing full privacy, security and compliance. The Global Relay Message service is designed with the scalability, resiliency and reliability to securely connect millions of users and millions of messages each hour. Global Relay Message users have full access to the Thomson Reuters and OCS/Lync communities through the Message Hub.