Global Relay Messenger is a secure, closed-network instant messaging system. Designed to be SEC/FINRA/HIPAA compliant, this IM solution provides organizations of any size with secure, private instant messaging on an internal network.

Global Relay Messenger provides a simple and reliable messaging environment while maintaining real-time, scalable connectivity and collaboration internally. This is an ideal solution for firms who have historically restricted instant messaging due to an inability to control, access or securely log the messaging.

Simple, secure and powerful. Using an easy-to-use, feature rich client, your organization can privately exchange and archive instant messages and data, while securing access from public IM networks and associated security risks.

Global Relay Messenger

Powerful Messaging Features

  • Secure end-to-end messaging
  • Seamless capture of messages in Global Relay Archive for compliance
  • Recipient restriction controls
  • Corporate Roster with "out-of-the-box" company-wide contacts
  • Controls for employee access to IM networks
  • Peer-to-peer file transfers
  • Installation is simple
  • All chat sessions are time-date stamped
  • Buddy lists organized by custom folders
  • Presence displays your Status (Online, Away, Busy, Appear Offline)
  • Customizable status messages "Out for lunch, back at 2:00"
  • Business cards with corporate contact info and VCard support
  • Tabbed chat windows
  • Log in to one account from multiple locations
  • Jabber/XMPP & Google Talk compatible
  • PC & Mac compatible
  • Customized branding with your corporate logo
  • Messages can be sent to offline users
  • Instant broadcasts to large groups of users
  • No size restrictions on messages


Engineered to provide 100% uptime, Global Relay Messenger technology is deployed using load balanced routing of IM traffic to a cluster of Global IM servers, with Active/Active firewalls, Active/Active load balancers and redundant switches.

Jabber Powered

Global Relay Messenger is based on Open Source XMPP Jabber technology. Global Relay Messenger's technology ensures controlled access to corporate and public Jabber servers including Google Talk. Read More

Configuration Details

Setup is simple. For technical details on how to configure the Global Relay Messenger, download the client or visit Global Relay Messenger Support.