Email Suite

The Global Relay Cloud Ecosystem includes a suite of Email services that your Business can mix and match with your current email environment or you can shift everything to the Global Relay Cloud, as a one stop shop. All email services are designed to be seamlessly integrated with Global Relay Message and Global Relay Search.

  • Hosted Email - an enterprise-class email service with Desktop, Webmail and Mobile access.
  • Email Continuity - 'always on' secondary Webmail for full email continuity if your primary mail system has an outage or disruption.
  • Email Filtering - a front-end security gateway for multilayer Virus Scanning and Spam Filtering.
  • TLS - an encrypted connection for Global Relay's Hosted Email, to ensure secure end-to-end transit across a network for confidential communications, as well as endpoint authentication.
  • Encryption Mail Gateway - policy-based encryption for DLP (data loss prevention) where emails containing sensitive information automatically encrypt to meet privacy and security regulations.