Compliance Archiving for ICE Chat


ICE-Chat ICE Chat (formerly YellowJacket) is an advanced messaging platform that delivers unparalleled efficiencies to the institutional derivatives markets. Used by the largest trading and brokerage firms, ICE Chat allows customers communicating over instant messenger to leverage advanced technology traditionally only applicable to electronic trading.

Global Relay Archive for ICE Chat brings the benefits of software-as-a-service compliance message archiving to the ICE Chat community.

ICE Chat archiving is a cloud-based service that securely and automatically archives every ICE Chat message sent to, from or among the traders in your firm — providing compliance, control and convenience.

ICE Chat

Enable the compliant use of ICE Chat — Industry regulations such as the Commodity Exchange Act (CEA) as well as SEC Rule 17a-4, FINRA Rule 4510, and NASD Rule 3010 require all electronic business communications to be archived and monitored — including trading and messaging platforms such as ICE Chat. The Global Relay ICE Chat archiving service securely captures and preserves all ICE Chat messages — allowing your firm to comply with these requirements.

Message Supervision & Review — The powerful, flexible supervision and monitoring tools built into Global Relay Archive let compliance officers and managers perform detailed reviews of all electronic communications, including ICE Chat messages. This allows firms to meet regulatory requirements for message monitoring and review and facilitates employee supervision and HR policy enforcement. Since all users' messages are automatically captured and archived, a perfect record is created of "who said what when".


Convenient Message Access — Having every message type archived in a single easy-to-access location is an advantage for any firm. In addition to ICE Chat messages, Global Relay Archive supports more than 20 message types, including email, instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo!, GoogleTalk), BlackBerry, Bloomberg®, Thomson Reuters, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and more.

Global Relay Archive allows compliance officers, managers and employees to find and retrieve messages of any type with a single search — saving time and providing a comprehensive view of each user's communications.

End-User Access — Global Relay provides users with convenient tools to search and retrieve their own archived messages anywhere, anytime — via web browser, Microsoft Outlook, BlackBerry or iPhone. Each message type is clearly identified in the archive with a unique icon.