Global Relay Archive For Bloomberg® Messages


Global Relay Archive for Bloomberg® messages automatically captures and archives all your firm's Bloomberg communications.

There are two types of communication within Bloomberg: Bloomberg Mail and Instant Bloomberg. Global Relay Archive for Bloomberg® messages time/date stamps, serializes and indexes these Bloomberg messages — and preserves them for compliance and eDiscovery, as well as easy search, retrieval and access via web, mobile or Outlook.

Global Relay Archive for Bloomberg® messages is built for compliance. It parses the complete details of each message to allow for an accurate audit trail within Global Relay Archive. Compliance officers can then use Global Relay's compliance review tools to fully monitor and enforce the compliant use of Bloomberg messaging.

Disclaimer: Global Relay Archive only converts files that are made available by Bloomberg L.P. to Bloomberg L.P.'s customers, and technically able to be downloaded. There is no affiliation between Global Relay and Bloomberg, and Bloomberg processes are subject to change at any time without notice to Global Relay. Download of Bloomberg messaging is under the express direction of the customer. The Bloomberg® name and logo are the sole property of Bloomberg Finance L.P. The use of the Bloomberg name and logo is to identify its message type and no implication of endorsement by or affiliation with Bloomberg is intended.