Compliance Archiving for BlackBerry Messaging


Global Relay Archive for BlackBerry® brings compliance and control to your firm's BlackBerry communications. It seamlessly converts, imports and archives BlackBerry messages, preserving them alongside all other archived message types in Global Relay Archive.

BlackBerry messaging types supported by Global Relay Archive include:

  • SMS/Text Messages
  • PIN-to-PIN
  • Phone Calls

Once BlackBerry message types are archived by Global Relay Archive, they become easily searchable and instantly searchable, thanks to Global Relay's innovative tools for message search. Global Relay Archive displays SMS and PIN-to-PIN conversations and Call Logs chronologically in unified email threads - preserving the context and making them easy to read, print or forward.

Global Relay also provides BlackBerry message conversion capabilities with external delivery, for customers with in-house archiving systems wishing to capture BlackBerry messages. This external delivery is available for customer by FTPS download or SMTP delivery via VPN/TLS/SSL.