Crypto’s regulatory turf war

After its latest market crash, which has cost investors a combined $2trn, there are calls for crypto to be more closely regulated. But who should be responsible for digital assets?

Not every cloud has a silver lining

It’s a multibillion dollar industry dominated by Amazon, Google and Microsoft. But the public cloud market is not fit for purpose in the financial sector, where specialist private cloud providers such as Global Relay offer tailored, more secure services and better value


The impact and implications of DORA

"Security is not a choice any more… it’s time for a significant evolution in thinking and behavior”

Turning Up The Volume

Covid-19 has made electronic-voice communication the norm, creating a spike in the amount of data that regulated firms have to monitor for compliance. In this article we chart the rise and rise of voice transcription as a way to identify risk in audio communication.

Giving Chief Compliance Officers The Right Stature

Empowering compliance officers is a key objective of Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite Jr’s team at the Department of Justice. This article covers his proposals requiring CCOs and CEOS to ‘certify’ as to the effectiveness of their compliance program.


Leading From The Front

As White House advisers work on a Bill of Artificial Intelligence Rights, the SEC is taking a proactive approach to the AI regulation conversation, including how to retain the human factor, avoid replicating bias, and still reap the benefits of this developing, innovative technology


Unlocking The Door To Data Security

As organizations move to the cloud, they can have more control of their data security with approaches such as Bring Your Own Encryption (BYOE). In this article, we explain what BYOE is and weigh up the pros and cons.


Training The Trainer

As AI becomes more pervasive in our lives, it’s attracting the attention of regulators around the world. In this introduction to a series of articles on the regulation of this innovative technology, we ask, “How do we best control the use of artificial intelligence for the most universal benefit?”


Digitalization, Regulatory Change, And The Great Reset

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of all aspects of our lives, not least the workplace. In this article, we look at the regulatory consequences for organizations.


Defense In Depth: How Rising Cybercrime Is Intensifying The Need For A Zero Trust Architecture

Cyber risk has been the number one concern in executive surveys for the last four years


The Future of Compliance Officer Liability: Proposals to reduce the liability burden on CCO

Undue CCO liability is an increasingly critical issue as the world of financial services continues to evolve.