Discover the power of your data.

What happens when you combine the world’s most advanced archive with unlimited scale, powerful workflows, and artificial intelligence? An all-in-one solution that helps you find what really matters.

Next gen cloud archiving and
AI-enabled discovery

Don’t just store your data. Use our powerful discovery tools – powered by AI – to gain deep insight and help employees work more efficiently.


Enrich, store, manage, and discover your data – all in one system.

  • Compliant storage
  • Dynamic policies
  • Team workspaces
  • Real-time AI
  • Custom workflows
  • Collaboration tools

Discover even more:

Supervision & Surveillance

Monitor employee behavior, uncover potential issues, and identify violations. For regulatory compliance, risk management, conduct monitoring, and more.

eDiscovery & Legal Hold

Find, analyze, organize, and share data in seconds. For legal matters, audits, internal investigations, and more.

AI & Analytics

Test and train AI models in a secure, audited environment. Our models or yours.


Get the right data to the right people. In seconds.

Is your Legal team waiting hours or days for the data they need to respond to subpoenas and legal matters? Is your Compliance team wading through a sea of false positives to fulfil your regulatory obligations to supervise communications? Are your business analysts trying to figure out what makes your best salespeople so successful?

Whatever your data problem, Global Relay can help you solve it. Turn your data into a source of insight and collaboration. Put the right tools and data into the hands of every employee, whatever they’re trying to do.

Use your data to drive your whole business forward.

Regulatory compliance

Compliance tools designed for the financial sector and other regulated industries. Identify bad actors, address policy violations, reduce false positives, and route issues to the right people. Document and report on every step of the process to satisfy regulators and internal executives.

Legal matters

Efficient workflows to cut legal costs and put your legal team in control every step of the way. Find relevant data in seconds, conduct early case assessment, review for relevance, and securely share data with your team and external parties.

Business analytics

Real-time AI and on demand visualizations to uncover trends and improve business processes. Identify strengths, weakness, and opportunities in sales, customer satisfaction, customer support, team collaboration, and more.

Employee conduct & engagement

Tools to help your HR team keep their finger on the pulse of your workforce. Identify conduct violations, monitor employee engagement, and reduce turnover.

Data protection & privacy

Meet your legal obligations to protect personal data and respond to data subject requests. Quickly find, organize, produce, and delete personal data with secure, defensible workflows.

All of your data. At your fingertips.

Connect 100+ data types into a single system. Access and analyze it in seconds.

AI Lab & Studio

Unlock deep insight to answer complex business questions.

Build, train, and deploy AI models that solve real world problems. Partner with our Data Science team to implement transparent, easy-to-explain, AI solutions – no black boxes.

If you have your own data scientists, that’s ok too. They can use our AI Studio to develop their own solutions.

Key features & benefits

All-in-one solution

One secure, accessible archive. Unlimited ways to use it.

Intelligent search

Powerful search tools to find whatever you need in seconds.

Unlimited scalability

Next generation architecture that grows as you do. No limits.

Secure workspaces

Private work areas for each team to build their own workflows and keep their activities confidential.

Real-time AI

All data evaluated against your AI models as it’s imported into your archive. With feedback loops to re-train models based on user input.

Built-in collaboration

Collaborative tools, instant messaging, and channels to securely share data and ideas with teammates and stakeholders.

Trust your data with the industry leader.

20,000+ customers worldwide

22 of the top 25 banks served

100+ data types supported

24/7/365 live support

850+ data productions each month

Getting started couldn’t be easier.

Book a tailored demo

We’ll give you a demo tailored to fit your needs, showing how our suite of powerful solutions can help drive your business forward.

We design your solution

If you like what you see, we’ll then design your customized solution, factoring in the requirements and challenges unique to your organization.

Complete the legals

We’ll get the legal agreements drawn up, working, as always, in partnership with your legal team.

…Then we’ll deploy your solution and you’re ready to discover.

Fill in a quick form

To get started with the app you’ll be asked to fill in a short form so we can securely register your company domain, making sure we safely archive all of your communication.

Customize your solution

We’ll help you create the right Collaboration solution for you with our range of services including chat, text, voice, and video.

Install and activate

We’ll send you your customized install package. You can share this with your teams.

… And you’re good to go. Happy collaborating!

Find the right connectors

We’ll give you a demo tailored to fit your needs, showing how our suite of powerful solutions can help drive your business forward.

We’ll set you up

We’ll make sure your Global Relay Archive is ready to capture, classify, and securely store your data. Or we’ll deliver your data feed to your preferred system.

Authorize the capture

For some feeds, such as social media, end users will need to authorize capture. Whatever the requirements, we’ll support you all the way.

… And then we’ll start to capture your data. Simple.

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