Announcing Global Relay Archive Version 8

The latest release of Global Relay Archive combines enhancements in compliance reporting with a more streamlined workflow — providing more insight into messaging activity throughout the organization and expediting the supervisory review process. For compliance officers, managers and individual users, Global Relay Archive is now even more efficient, intuitive and easy to use.

Global Relay Archive Version 8.0 is a feature-packed major release, providing unmatched sophistication in compliance message archiving. Here are three of the new features Global Relay introduces with this release:

  1. Extensive On-Demand Reports

    The new Report button generates a detailed report of message flagging statistics with just one click — based on any search, folder or label. Inside the report, click any stat to get an instant view of the messages flagged for a specific reason. Message reviewers can email or print the report to demonstrate reviewing progress to CCOs, managers or auditors.

  2. Report Manager — now with Automated & Customizable Reporting

    Report Manager enables more in-depth reporting on compliance monitoring activity throughout the organization than ever before. All reports can be now automated with daily, weekly or monthly email delivery.

    • Compliance Activity Reports provide supervisors and managers with insight into compliance activity in the firm. These reports are highly configurable and can mirror the reporting structure of any firm — even those with complex hierarchies & multiple locations. Statistics in the report detail the number and percentage of messages flagged, reviewed, marked non- compliant, etc. for each group and individual reviewer within a firm.

    • Keyword Flagging Reports provide a snapshot of the number of messages containing the specific keywords your firm has set up to be flagged. These reports serve as verification of your firm's policy enforcement and can be used to fine-tune your firm's list of flagged keywords & corporate policies.

  3. Simplified Reviewer Workflow

    The message review process is now simpler and more intuitive — allowing compliance personnel to review more messages, more efficiently.

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